Governing Board

The 2018-19 CPA Newfoundland & Labrador Board of Directors.

The membership of CPA Newfoundland and Labrador’s board reflects a cross-section of perspectives with representation of the legacy designations participating in unification and public input.

Photo of Rob Hull, CPA, CA
Troy Stanley, CPA, CA
Rob Hull, CPA, CA
(Vice Chair)
Jason Silver, FCPA, FCA

 Photo of Pauline Downer, FCPA, FCA
Steve Bragg, CPA, CA
Colin Corcoran, CPA, CMA
Pauline Downer, FCPA, FCA
Lynn Healey, CPA, CA
Terry Hutchings, FCPA, FCGA
Kealey Martin, CPA, CMA
Photo of Beth Porter, CPA, CA

Trevor McCormick, FCPA, FCGA
Neil Pittman, FCPA, FCMA
Beth Porter, CPA, CA

Photo of Derek Sullivan
Tom Cooper
(Public Representative)
Wayne Myles
(Public Representative)
Derek Sullivan
(Public Representative)