CPA NL Membership Changes: January - June 2018

CPA NL has approximately 1,500 active members, each of whom fulfill the profession’s key pillars, including integrity, excellence, trust and respect, accountability, and professionalism.

Membership changes from January to June 2018 are outlined below.

New Members

By Program Completion

  Danica Allen
  Adam Avery
  Brittany Barnes
  He Bai
  Steven Bradley
  Amanda Carter
  Murray Chidley
  Ratidzo Chikari
  Arthur Cook
  Deep Datta
  Andrew French
  Colin Gosse
  Timothy Granter
  Monica Gregory
  Sujin Gu
  James Hogan
  Jonathan Jennings
  Simar Khosla
  Amy McLean
  Emily McLean
  Christopher Nyanhemwa
  JoAnne Petten
  Lisa Russell
  Walter Scott
  Kayla Snow
  Christopher Staeben
  Andrew St. George
  Colin Sullivan
  Wanjing Wang
  Andrew Way
  Kaili Ye
  Jadie Zeng

By Transfer

  Melissa Hardy
  Maron Penney

By Affiliation

  Gregory Draper

Resignation from Membership

  Terry Hall
  Promad Jain
  Harold Ryan

Resignation (Transferred)

  Gordon Ashe
  Brian Brophy
  Nicole Butler
  Geoff Cochrane
  Jessica Eisenhauer
  James Flintoft
  Catherine Hines
  George Hogan
  David Keeping
  Jennifer Kostiuk
  Stephanie Lewis
  Chelsea Jiyi Liu
  Michael MacPhee
  Emily MacRae
  Gisele Ouellet
  Lisa Palmer
  Kandace Riteff
  Adam Ryan
  Jennifer Tate
  Colin Wilkie


  Erin Brothers (CPD)
  Larry Collins (CPD)
  Deborah North (CPD)

If you have any questions regarding membership, please reach out to CPA NL today!