CPA NL Membership Changes: June - December 2017

CPA NL has approximately 1,500 active members, each of whom fulfill the profession’s key pillars, including integrity, excellence, trust and respect, accountability, and professionalism.

Membership changes from June to December 2017 are outlined below.

New Members

By Program Completion

  Gregory Anderson
  Mark Carberry
  Myles Evans
  Kaitlyn George
  Meaghan Ludlow
  Andrew Pike
  Peter Shears
  Kristine Strickland
  Spencer Wicks

By Transfer

  Ashley Bishop
  Phat Do
  Kerry Fennell
  John McGrath
  Kelsie Montgomery
  Charlene Tilley

By Affiliation

  Paul Fletcher

Resignation from Membership

  David Aker
  James Linehan
  Maureen McCarthy
  Stephanie Puddicome

Resignation (Transferred)

  Gurmeet Arora
  Meng Fu
  Fan Li
  Darryl Paul
  Sonalben Sharma


  Jeff Brewer (CPD)

If you have any questions regarding membership, please reach out to CPA NL today!