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Free Professional Development Session
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Risks and Opportunities of a Changing Climate
Sarah Keyes, CPA, CA


The risk profiles and strategic positioning of organizations in Canada and around the world are being directly affected by global and local changes in temperature, extreme weather and the availability of water and other natural resources. A changing climate gives rise to a variety of organizational issues including operational, financial and strategic planning concerns.

Professional accountants have a critical role to play in how organizations respond in managing risk and opportunity and creating a more resilient organization. This session will show accountants how to recognize risks and opportunities of climate change and how their CPA competencies are relevant in responding to climate change. The seminar will be interactive.  It will include a mix of large and small group discussion and case study work.


This course will be relevant to accountants in any function or level.


At the end of this course the participant should be able to:

  • explain, in general terms, what it means for organizations to adapt to climate change
  • identify the risks and opportunities that climate change poses to Canadian organizations in different sectors
  • recognize opportunities to use their CPA competencies in helping  organizations plan for and manage climate change impacts’ risks and opportunities


Topics covered will include:

  • What a changing climate looks like. A changing climate means increased extreme weather, different temperatures and shifts in resource availability.  These changes will affect multiple systems, from infrastructure to natural resources.
  • Impacts on organizations. Organizations face specific types of risks and opportunities in a changing climate, depending on their business model, location and other factors.
  • Role of the CPA professional.  Session participants will learn how diverse CPA competencies relate to climate change adaptation. 
  • Examples of accountants engaged in adaptation. Based on best practices from a range of organizations, session participants will learn how accountants are using their expertise to help organizations adapt to climate change.


More about Sarah Keyes, CPA, CA

Sarah Keyes is a Principal in Research, Guidance and Support at CPA Canada. In this role, she leads research efforts addressing climate change issues and how they relate to organizational decision-making, reporting and corporate oversight and governance activities. She is a subject matter expert in climate change mitigation and adaptation issues, with a deep understanding of the interconnections between climate change and organizational strategy, risk and performance.

Sarah recently co-managed CPA Canada’s publication “State of Play: Climate-Related Disclosures by Canadian Public Companies” and authored CPA Canada’s publication “Climate Change Briefing: 20 Questions for Directors to Ask”. She is currently authoring a publication on accounting for cap and trade transactions under International Financial Reporting Standards.

Sarah has been a speaker at several workshops and panels on the topic of climate change, including the University of Toronto’s Environmental Finance Advisory Committee’s workshop on carbon pricing; the International Economic Forum of the Americas Conference of Montreal panel on resilient infrastructure and financing; and, the International Energy Agency’s Nexus Forum on energy sector resilience and adaptation.

Sarah has been quoted as a subject matter expert in several articles related to climate-related disclosures and carbon pricing in The Bottom Line. Sarah is a member of the Energy and Economics Working Groups as part of Natural Resources Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform. She was also a judge in the financial reporting category for CPA Canada’s 2016 Corporate Reporting Awards.

Sarah is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CA) with over 7 years of work experience in audit and consulting roles focused in the mining and energy sectors. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting from McGill University.


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