CPD Policy and Requirements

CPD Policy, requirements, and tracking.



You can find the Continuing Professional Development Policy by clicking here.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is learning that offers intellectual or practical content that provides a Member the opportunity to develop new or maintain existing competencies in areas that are relevant to a Member’s professional responsibilities and growth. Any learning activity that is relevant and appropriate to the work and professional responsibilities as a CPA will qualify for CPD.

The minimum requirement for CPD is that every member, except members who are exempt, shall report:

  • 20 hours annually, 10 of which must be verifiable
  • 120 hours on a rolling three calendar-year basis, 60 of which must be verifiable
  • Effective for the 2019-2021 rolling cycle, and each rolling three-year cycle thereafter, 4 of the 60 verifiable hours must be related to professional business ethics.

In addition to the above requirements, those professional accountants in public practice who are engagement partners responsible for audits of financial statements must comply with the requirements of IES 8 regarding professional competence.

Members are required to record their hours by January 31 each year using mycpawebservices.ca.

A sample of members professional development hours will be verified to source data each year. Members must maintain evidence of completion of their professional development hours for a minimum of five years, allowing adequate time for verification of professional development records for the entire rolling three-year period, should your records be selected for verification. 

You can find the CPA Newfoundland and Labrador CPD Exemption application form by clicking here.

If you did not meet the annual CPD requirements, and plan to do so, please fill out and submit the below form.

CPD Plan to Remedy Form (fillable)
CPD Plan to Remedy Form (print)